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A Blood Moon
Bitten Twice

Alejandro was a great king before he died. In life, he had been Alexander the Great. In death, he was just as large. He held two lives, one public and one private.  In public, he was Lex Macedo, the Billionaire of Macedo Inc. a web-hosting giant. Privately, he had too many aliases to count, most of them some sort of derivation of Alexander. He never used a family name as this was a luxury he could ill afford. Alexander was the young King of Macedonia and skilled in the art of war and military strategies. Now, in death, he is a 2000 year old vampire who owes a debt to Satan's daughter Catalina for her pulling him from the underworld. And Jacqui who owes a debt to Alex for him saving her from being wed to the demon Xander. To pay his debt back to Catalina, he must remove the amulet from around her neck, an amulet that allowed her to stay in a human form in order to enjoy life with her human mate Carlos. She has no use for the amulet now because her beloved Carlos was murdered in an alley way, and she could not save him from being killed.
Take the journey with Alex, Jack, and Lina to hell and back. You will be mesmerized by the writings of Bitten Twice. You will be transported into a world of love, passion, sex, murder and lots more! Enjoy Bitten Twice's wonderful imagination and creativity in A Blood Moon. You will not be able to put the book down, in anticipation of what the next page, next chapter holds. I have enjoyed the book so much, I am going to look into other reads from Bitten Twice.
I would highly recommend A Blood Moon and I give it Five Stars. *****

5/5 Stars

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