Untamable by Becca Dale was exquisite.  I don't know if I just didn't look at this book close enough,  read the synopsis right or what but this was definitely not what I expected, and just look at that cover.  I loved it! 

Lily hadn't been home in eight years.  The day Thor told her to leave was the day she left everything behind.  Now the time has come that she must return home to see her good friend Mara, who happens to be Thor's sister.

Knowing sooner or later she will have to come face to face with Thor,  she wasn't exactly prepared for it.  He could still make the fire burn despite how much he broke her heart. 

When Thor tells her he's going to be riding Lightning,  the  very horse that put him in the hospital and caused her to leave her life,  Lily realizes he still takes too many risks and tells him she won't be watching him try to kill himself.  Furious at his arrogance,  she storms off.

Now,  during those dreadful eight seconds,  she can't turn away.  Thor makes his ride and a rush of relief floods Lily,  he wasn't hurt.  In search of a breather,  she heads to the barn. 

An old wound flared,  Thor finds Lily in the stables,  dropping from the pain in his knee.  "Kiss me."  Thor demands needing to get his mind off the pain or pass out.  Lily gives in and passions re-ignite.  Realizing the love is still strong,  Thor refuses to let Lily leave him again.  Will he be able to convince her to stay?

I loved this short by Becca Dale.  I wasn't expecting the steamy sex scenes which was an added bonus for me.  I loved these characters and the relationship between Thor and Lily was well developed and fantastically played out.  The only thing I wanted was more.  I think this story would make for a great novel and I do hope to see more of Lily and Thor,  even some of their back story could be a book of its own. 

Becca Dale has such a wonderful style of writing I can't wait to read more from her.  I give Untamable ***** (5) Latte's.

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