Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott was absolutely YUMMY!  I loved Scott's take on the immortal realm,  from seekers to changelings to messengers,  just phenomenal. 

A different take which I absolutely loved too was that she reversed roles.  Normally we read any type of romance,  it's always the male seducing the female.  Not in Fierce Dawn.  This one had the female seducing the male and I loved it.

Sadie Graves knew there was something different about her,  but she just couldn't put her finger on it.  Her family chalks it up to mental breakdown,  forcing her to seek help and medication.

Sadie knows she's not crazy though.  When she meets the hot,  give you writhing dreams Elijah Stokes,  her world endures a drastic change of events.  Sadie is a messenger,  and Elijah is going to help her through the transformation. 

Sadie dreams of Elijah,  painting her dreams so vividly.  Danger is near and someone is after her.  What her dreams were actually doing were prophesizing,  and much to all of their surprise,  her transformation brings more than the mere fact that she may be a messenger.  Not only will her true self be discovered,  but so will many lies,  and of course love.

Scott did a fantastic job in this title.  Fierce Dawn will leave you squirming in your seat as you try to read fast enough to find out what happens next.  Character development was magnificent and you will feel the connection with every character involved,  not to mention an astounding plot.  This is one title you will definitely want to get your hands on.

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