Kami Jin by Lloyd Kaneko is one title that will definitely get you thinking.  Narrated from the 23rd century,  it is a fantastic display of our world as it is today,  and what may become of it in the future.

Gordon A. Sakata II lives in the 23rd century.  As you can imagine,  the technology of the future is incredible.  Gordon suffered a terrible skiing accident as a child and now has a bionic arm.  His arm runs on a battery that gives it power through a watch he wears on his wrist.  If the watch is removed,  the arm goes dead.  Not only does this watch give his arm life,  but it also harbors a virtual computer.

Through this computer,  Gordon records memoirs of his journey in time.  As a native of Napajan,  Gordon portrays Asian features,  even though he is legally an American. 

His memoirs start with a description of time during the 21st century.  It was when he himself lost his job due to the introduction of droids to replace humans in Corporate America,  that he realizes that the nation was going under.  Humans were losing their jobs,  being forced into the streets,  and no where to turn for help.

As the government decides War is imminent against Napajan,  Asians are captured and forced into concentration camps.  Gordon records daily of the abuse,  and testing being done to prisoners.  When they realize that Gordon can use his computer to transcribe the activities at these camps,  they take Gordon to the mountains,  planning on his demise.

What they never expected,  was that Gordon's wife,  a Princess from an Intergalactic Universe,  would find and rescue him.  Much to Gordon's surprise as well,  he learns of his wife's true identity and that he was born to rule their planet.  Will Gordon be able to save planet Earth from the immorality that is placed upon human's by the government?

Kaneko did a great job of creating a thought provoking plot.  What can we as a society do to keep ourselves in the running?  What Kaneko speaks of is actually happening in our society today.  It is very disheartening to think about it,  and to think about what might become of us in the future. 

Kami Jin,  meaning paper people,  the example used in this story is exactly how the government treats citizens,  discarding them as if they were paper plates being thrown into the trash.

Though Kami Jin was a little slow to start,  once the action started,  especially at the end,  I found myself anxious to see what happened next. 

I give Kami Jin ***3/4 (3.75)  Stars,  BK Walker.

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