All I Want is Everything:  A Guide To Love, Peace, and Happiness by Kim Upstone was a fantastic read.  A great guide for self improvement.

With exercises throughout the entire book to help you change your mindset,  and advice on how to change the way you think,  this title was great.

I followed the exercises and found myself enjoying what Kim Upstone lays out for a blueprint on life.

Getting you thinking and putting into practice to control your thinking, this title helps you gain control of your life and your mind.  Broken down into areas of life we may be struggling with,  it's easy to read and follow Kim's guidance.

Once you read this book,  you will definitely have a different outlook on life, choosing what you will let bother you and what you will now be able to overlook.  What's really important vs. what's not.

Upstone did a fabulous job engaging the reader,  and though it will take time to make your new way of thinking a habit,  it will definitely get you looking at life differently.

I give All I Want Is Everything:  A Guide To Love,  Peace, and Happiness,  the first installment in the All I Want Is Everything Series ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker.  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

Learn More about Kim Upstone and her work at A New Day A New Vision.

BK Walker Books - All Rights Reserved
11/21/2010 04:15:35 pm

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